Reader revenue without ads or paywalls

Use Turkbox to embed fast and unintrusive data classification and annotation tasks which users complete to access your content.

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Illustration depicting Turkbox and it's role in the news media ecosystem
Animation depicting experience of completing task on Turkbox widget

Why Turkbox

Turkbox offers several improvements over traditional content monetization methods

Prioritize reader experience

Turkbox widgets are designed with users' reading experience at the core, with priority towards getting users to your content at the earliest.

Keep content free & accessible

Don't alienate your readership by introducing paywalls. Instead, use Turkbox to exchange access to content for completing simple CAPTCHA-like tasks.

Standardized, transparent pricing

Use the Turkbox dashboard to get real-time data on how your readers complete tasks on widgets, and how that translates into revenue for your website.

Case Study

Pilot with Khabar Lahariya

We partnered with Khabar Lahariya, a regional women-run digital news platform to deploy widgets containing image segmentation tasks, supporting two languages, to better understand reader behaviour

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User research trip to Khabar Lahariya's regional office

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Use Cases

Widgets can be used to monetize content in a variety of scenarios across the digital news landscape


Readers can complete tasks on Turkbox widgets to get access to single articles. This helps to better capture and drive revenue from traffic originating from social media


Turkbox widgets can be integrated with subscription products, offering readers to pay equivalent amounts by completing tasks instead of paying out of their pockets

AdBlock Recovery

Readers using Ad-blocking plugins can be prompted to complete tasks on Turkbox widgets to pay for an ad-free version of the website


Embed widgets in banners at the end of articles to provide ways for your loyal readership to contribute monetarily by using their time and attention

Real-time analytics

The Turkbox publisher dashboard allows publishers to visualize insight on user behaviour from deployed widgets, receive automated payments and run A/B tests to determine which widget configurations work best for them

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User research trip to Khabar Lahariya's regional office